Interested in membership?

To be eligible as a member, a writer must have published a textbook, non-fiction or scientific work of about 200 printed pages. The writer can be the sole or a joint author, so long as he or she personally satisfies the 200-page clause. Members of a team working on a single non-fiction book or a non-fiction series may be admitted as Association members.

The Board of Directors of the Association decides on who is admitted as a member.

Application form (in Finnish) can be downloaded on the this website or be requested from the Association office (toimisto[at]

The Association of Finnish Non-fiction Writers

  • offers advice on publishing contracts and copyright issues
  • offers legal advice on disputes over copyright
  • negotiates model traditional and digital publishing contracts for its members’ use
  • represents non-fiction writers in the field of cultural politics and on copyright issues
  • organises training in non-fiction writing, events and members’ meetings
  • publishes a newsletter and literature on non-fiction writing
  • offers members a chance to apply for a fixed-term grant to work at, for example, the Villa Lante in Rome and the Villa Karo in Benin
  • maintains a register of experts on nonfiction topics